Seniors Living At Home

More and more seniors are electing to stay in their own homes as they age. Seniors living at home can make many people nervous as they think about their aging parents (or parent) running a household. However, there are some things you can do to make their surroundings safer while maintaining their desire to stay at home. Here are some of the key measures to take when there are seniors living at home:

  • Assess the stairs in the house.  Consider adding in a ramp outside or an electric lift if stairs are becoming a problem. If there is a main floor bedroom and bathroom, consider moving your parent to the main floor. Make sure that there are handrails on both sides of staircases, and that they are well lit.
  • Is the home lit properly? Does the outside have lights on timers that will go on when it is dark?
  • Eliminate the knobs.  Replace doorknobs with lever-style hardware which is easier to maneuver – especially for arthritis victims.
  • Switch. Replace traditional light switches with rocker light switches which are easier on the hands.
  • Replace showerhead with a handheld shower head with adjustable height.
  • Door to door. While it may be a little more expensive, consider delivery services for everyday things like groceries, pharmaceuticals, etc.  Some grocery stores have online delivery and many of our clients are using Postmates enables anyone to have anything delivered on-demand, connecting customers with local couriers who can deliver anything sold in any store or restaurant in minutes. Groceries, take-outs, medicines – it’s a great service.
  • Prepare. It seems like this summer has been the “the summer of power outages”. Have backup supplies such as batteries, flashlights, blankets, water and some non-perishables for your loved one – just in case.
  • Light up the night. Place nightlights in key areas around their house (bedroom, main hallway, bathroom, near the phone) to eliminate a fall in the dark.

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