Now through Friday (July 15th, 2016) Cooperative Home Care is hosting an Adult Diaper Drive. The drive will take place at their local office locations and at the Jewish Community Center in Creve Couer.

There is not a dedicated adult diaper bank in Missouri. The demand for adult diapers is high since Medicare does not cover incontinence supplies or adult diapers. Furthermore, food stamps do not pay for adult diapers. According to Alison Weir, Director of Policy and Research at the National Diaper Bank Network, only three out of the more than 4000 partnering agencies they work with are exclusively adult diaper banks. All diaper and monetary donations from the drive will go to the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank. Online donations to St. Louis Area Diaper Bank are also welcome.

“This is a great need we wanted to highlight. An important way to empower someone is to meet all of their basic needs, especially those that are less understood,” said KristyAnn Pfister, Special Projects Manager at Cooperative Home Care.

The Adult Diaper Drive kicks off Cooperative Home Care’s “Serving and Celebrating in Our 30th Year” campaign. Cooperative Home Care is currently celebrating its 30th year in busines0s. Cooperative is celebrating by participating in 30 service events in St. Louis and surrounding counties.

“30 years of helping people, and we just want to give back. We want to give back to the communities that have given us so much, and to make them even better,” said Dan Decker, Director of Business Development at Cooperative Home Care.

To learn more, visit Cooperative Home Care, and St. Louis Area Diaper Bank.

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