Children keep us young in spirit, whether they are our friend’s grandchildren or our own. The next time you have a young visitor, try one or two of these activities with them. These are perfect activities for grandparents and grandchildren alike!

1.Host a scavenger hunt. This activity is one that will take some planning in advance, but the planning is a worthwhile activity for you, and the results are very enjoyable for your little hunter! You can keep it simple by creating five clues to find, including a small prize at the end. Your clues can be questions (the older the child, the trickier the question should be) or poems if you are feeling extra creative. Leave one question or poem each at the first four stops, and the prize (a book, tee-shirt, board game to play with you, etc.) at the final stop. If you have limited space for clues, you can even design your scavenger “hunt” on paper, where the child has to solve four brainteasers or family trivia questions, before their prize is awarded.
2. Read baby books. Not your baby book (or theirs), but their mom’s or dad’s if the book is available. Children love to hear funny stories about their parents when they were their ages, and everyone will enjoy re-visiting these memories.
3. Play cards.
4. Bake and eat.
5. Go to the library. Sign up for the summer reading program. If you do not drive, then simply curl up together and enjoy your favorite childhood story.
6. Ladies, share your jewelry box. Young girls and boys alike enjoy holding and touching beautiful objects, and they’ll love the stories that accompany your treasures.
7. Create jokes. Start with a basic joke book and then keep the laughs coming as you try to make up your own jokes. If this activity catches on, try building a joke journal as a keepsake.
8. Give a back rub. Wiggly young ones are soothed by a gentle back rub. Other pampering activities to try are hand rubs, manicures and pedicures.

(Inspired by the American Grandparents Association (“AGA”))

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