Hospice Home Care

As a healthcare professional who is familiar with all of the benefits of hospice, I think carefully about how to share this resource for the beautiful support it is. I don’t want to scare, shock or sadden someone who may benefit from this resource for their loved one. Helping someone understand the facts of hospice can go a long way to dispel the most common misunderstandings or fears about it. Learning about hospice before you need it may also help you keep a more open mind if someone you know and love needs it in the future. Here are five facts about hospice care:

  • Hospice is appropriate when one’s illness limits their life expectancy with normal disease progression. The hospice team helps the patient and their family work with the patient’s physician, to make this decision.
  • Hospice care is patient-centered, which means the patient is empowered to make all decisions about their plan of care.
  • Hospice is funded by Medicare, Medicaid, and many health insurance plans.
  • While each hospice company is different, many offer specialized services like massage therapy (to reduce pain and increase emotional well-being), spiritual care, opportunities to travel and participate in desired activities for enjoyment and closure, social services, legacy programs and veterans recognition programs.
  • If a patient wants to discontinue hospice services for any reason, they may do so. They may choose to re-start hospice in the future if they are eligible to do so.

If you would like to learn more about hospice or home care, Cooperative Home Care (800-466-3227) and Cooperative Hospice (314-571-7855) have nurses available 24 hours per day, seven days per week to answer your specific questions. We are pleased to help you!

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