Tips for Providing In Home Care

Are you providing in home care yourself? Here are some tips to help lower your stress level.

  • Wake up 15 minutes earlier to make your morning less hectic. Bonus: leave your home 15 minutes earlier for work, appointments and events.
  • Don’t count on your memory. Write down what you need to remember. If you think of something in bed at night, text yourself a reminder; open it in the morning when you can write it down.
  • Make a “just in case” plan in advance. Do you have a plan if your regular transportation fails? What about if you lose your phone? Try to be ready in case one of these stressful events happens to you.
  • Ask questions when you don’t understand something. Repeat it back to the person to ensure you are confident in the information you have.
  • Count your blessings!
  • Get enough sleep at night (strive for at least seven hours). You can care for others only when you, yourself, are alert and well rested.
  • Organize your work bag, your car, and your home. Make a place for important items.
  • Stand up, stretch, and walk around about every 15 minutes. Bonus: take ten deep, cleansing breathes.
  • Try to replace one sugary snack per day with a fresh fruit snack (apples are in season, so they are less expensive and delicious).
  • Smile! It will improve your mood 🙂

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