St. Louis Home CareAs I turn 49, which gives me a year before 50, I have been contemplating and reflecting a lot:

Eventually the happiness and satisfaction derived from life is based upon the choices we make, not our excuses, looking forward not backward, and finding a purpose for our existence.  Ultimately, we all will have to pay the piper for each choice we’ve made, cruelty displayed and every injustice we confronted or avoided.

From my experience, there is no absolute determinism nor fate that drives our conduct, but in every interaction each of us can determine how he or she will behave.  Truly we have within us the capacity to transcend the worst that life has to offer.  As Victor Frankel put it, “He who has a WHY for his existence can live with almost any HOW”.

I have led an incredible life.  I am very fortunate.  I have told my wife and kids that no matter when I die, rejoice in the fact that I have sucked all the marrow I could find.  But more than that, I am continually searching for more.  More to learn, more ways to help others, more purpose.

There is only one inescapable fact, death lies waiting in ambush for all of us.  So while we are here we might as well try to do what has not already been done.  And this action is the supreme blessing that can bestow significance upon an individual human life.

So what are you working on?  What is your purpose?  What are doing to fulfill your purpose?

Note from the Editor: yes, Mitch is as inspiring to work for as this post suggests.  Learn more about our St. Louis home care team here!


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