A huge congratulations to our Caregiver of the Quarter, Kaye Eggemeyer.  Why was Kaye chosen for this honor?  She saved a client’s life by successfully performing CPR until paramedics arrived!  Thanks to her clear thinking and quick action, the client is alive and in stable condition.

The client, with whom Kaye has worked for nearly ten years, collapsed in sudden cardiac arrest while preparing his lunch.  Kaye called 9-1-1, assessed that he was not breathing, and immediately started CPR, performing the procedure for about six minutes.  Paramedics arrived, stabilized the client with a defibrillator and transported him to the hospital.  He was admitted and his status proclaimed “stable”.

The American Heart Association explains that, when someone experiences sudden cardiac arrest, the person only has a chance of recovery if each stage in the Chain of Survival response is carried out quickly and correctly.  Kaye’s ability to remember and execute the CPR training she received from Cooperative’s Human Resources Manager Charlita Adkins, increased the client’s chances of recovery from below 20% to higher than 80%.  To further demonstrate how incredible Kaye’s actions were, Scott Freitag, Assistant Chief of the Cotteville Fire Department, says that in his 17 years as a firefighter, he has only been able to revive six people suffering from sudden cardiac arrest.

We are incredibly thankful to have such a competent caregiver on our staff.  Great work, Kaye!

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