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Cooperative Difference

Why Choose Cooperative Home Care? We accept every type of home care funding which enables us to meet your healthcare needs at home now, and if they change. Our Intake Nurse answers your questions about how to pay for home care and verifies your funding source(s). You won’t pay out of pocket until every other funding option is exhausted. Learn more through our videos, Types of In-Home Care, Warning Signs It’s Time for Help, Why Choose Cooperative Home Care, and How to Pay for Home Care.

Types of Care

We make it possible for people to maintain their independence and rehabilitate at home. We provide any amount of care, from one hour per day to 24-hour care. We offer every skill level, including nursing, therapies, social worker and caregivers. We have 29 years of experience, tailored to each client’s needs. Call our dedicated Intake Nurse for more information and to schedule your free assessment.

How Do I Pay

Cooperative Home Care explores every funding source before you pay out of pocket. We accept any funding, including Medicare, Medicaid, VA, insurance (health, long-term care, worker’s compensation), reduced fee and self-pay. A Communication Book including your customized care plan identifies and addresses your health care and daily activity needs, and verifies funding sources so you know what to expect.

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100 Ways To Live To 100

According to experts, your genes only have a 10% influence on how long you will live. What really matters are the choices you make throughout your life. 100 years ago the average lifespan was 31 years. Since then it has almost tripled. The longer life span is thanks to many, mostly minor, life tweaks. Experts say that you can have a very real effect on how long you will live. What can you do to live to 100? Turns out there are a ton of simple steps you can take every day to live a longer life. Nap, eat blueberries, take the stairs, wash your hands, smile big, dance, meditate, drink apple juice, the list goes on and on. Get ...

Why, Exactly, Is Chronic Stress So Harmful?

You probably know that chronic stress can affect your health. It can lead to depression, and even to a higher risk of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. Why? Under stress, the brain’s limbic system — responsible for emotions, memory and learning — triggers an alarm that activates the fight-or-flight response, increasing the production of adrenaline (epinephrine) and cortisol, which work together to speed heart rate, increase metabolism and blood pressure, enhance attention, the immune system and anti-inflammatory response, and lower pain sensitivity — all good things when your very survival is on the line. When the stressful situation is over, the body resets back to normal. However, under constant stress, the body is unable to reset. High adrenaline and ...
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