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Cooperative Difference

Why Choose Cooperative Home Care? We accept every type of home care funding which enables us to meet your healthcare needs at home now, and if they change. Our Intake Nurse answers your questions about how to pay for home care and verifies your funding source(s). You won’t pay out of pocket until every other funding option is exhausted.

Types of Care

We make it possible for people to maintain their independence and rehabilitate at home. We provide any amount of care, from one hour per day to 24-hour care. We offer every skill level, including nursing, therapies, social worker and caregivers. We have 29 years of experience, tailored to each client’s needs. Call our dedicated Intake Nurse for more information and to schedule your free assessment.

How Do I Pay

Cooperative Home Care explores every funding source before you pay out of pocket. We accept any funding, including Medicare, Medicaid, VA, insurance (health, long-term care, worker’s compensation), reduced fee and self-pay. A Communication Book including your customized care plan identifies and addresses your health care and daily activity needs, and verifies funding sources so you know what to expect.

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Celebrating Lesser Known Holidays With Seniors

Now there are even more days for you to celebrate with seniors! We all know the major holidays, but over the years additional celebration days have been recognized – everything from National Donut Day to National Dog Day. Make note of some of these special fall days as they are good thought starters for you to plan activities around and celebrate with a senior that you are taking care of! They are also a great excuse to get some friends, relatives or neighbors together to enjoy these obscure but fun celebrations! October Lesser Known Holidays October 1 – National Homemade Cookie Day. Of course, this is a great one and an easy one to plan around. Pick a favorite recipe, ...

Keeping Your Parent at Home

More and more seniors are electing to stay in their own homes as they age. Seniors living at home can make many people nervous as they think about their aging parents (or parent) running a household. However, there are some things you can do to make their surroundings safer while maintaining their desire to stay at home.
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