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Cooperative Difference

Why Choose Cooperative Home Care? We accept every type of home care funding which enables us to meet your healthcare needs at home now, and if they change. Our Intake Nurse answers your questions about how to pay for home care and verifies your funding source(s). You won’t pay out of pocket until every other funding option is exhausted.

Types of Care

We make it possible for people to maintain their independence and rehabilitate at home. We provide any amount of care, from one hour per day to 24-hour care. We offer every skill level, including nursing, therapies, social worker and caregivers. We have 29 years of experience, tailored to each client’s needs. Call our dedicated Intake Nurse for more information and to schedule your free assessment.

How Do I Pay

Cooperative Home Care explores every funding source before you pay out of pocket. We accept any funding, including Medicare, Medicaid, VA, insurance (health, long-term care, worker’s compensation), reduced fee and self-pay. A Communication Book including your customized care plan identifies and addresses your health care and daily activity needs, and verifies funding sources so you know what to expect.

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Thanksgiving – Caregiving Advice During the Holidays

Holiday Caregiving Don’t Let Stress Ruin The Holidays For You Or Your Loved Ones Holidays are always a tough time for seniors. Emotionally, it can be lonely or a reminder of the past. Physically, it can be challenging as well and a day where a routine may be “off”. Tips for Holiday Caregiving Have a dining plan. Many paid caregivers take off for the holiday to be with their own families. If you are caring for a senior, make sure he or she has a plan and will not be dining alone. If family is not around, there may be some senior opportunities. Or perhaps you or another caregiver can arrange for a special visit on the holiday. Another option ...

Halloween Activities For Seniors

Non Carving Pumpkin Decoration Ideas for Seniors Need some Halloween activities for seniors? Halloween should be a fun time for all ages! If you are caring for a senior, there is a lot you can do to celebrate the holiday and make it a fun interactive day! While pumpkin carving is tradition, it can be difficult for seniors. We have seem some of our caregivers create some fabulous pumpkins without the mess of carving. You can use colorful tape, markers, glitter, etc. Here is a link to 37 great ideas for inspiration! Our favorite is the fabric covered pumpkin. Here is what you need: Several pumpkins Remnant fabric Mod Podge (available at any craft store) and sponge brush A small ...
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