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Your aging loved one may show signs that they are not able to sleep soundly overnight. This may be a result of a medication change, a change in their physical or cognitive status, an unknown reason, or a combination of factors. This change may have occurred suddenly or gradually presented itself. You may have just become aware of it because your aging loved one innocently commented about it. They may have had a minor fall at night that did not cause great injury, but that left you very concerned for their safety and welfare overnight. Many of us work traditional day hours and if we feel like we’ve got to stay awake through the night to ensure a loved one is safe, this can cause great exhaustion and stress! Instead of trying to accomplish this in a way that is unrealistic in the longer term, we are pleased to offer flexible resources that enable you to ensure your aging loved one’s safety, and maintain your productive day and restful night.

As there are times that your aging loved one needs more help than overnight care alone, we also recommend that you visit our website pages that share information about 12 & 24-Hour Care and Safety and Supervision.

Basically, overnight care is no different than care during the day. The first step is to contact our Intake Nurse to schedule a free assessment. This no-cost, no-obligation assessment is very beneficial because you will be able to learn about home care in general, as well to learn about your aging loved one’s options based on their needs and their funding. There can be misconceptions about what Medicare will pay for, what long-term care insurance will pay for, about other options for which they may qualify, and what is going to be out-of-pocket (self-pay). Once you know what to expect regarding both care and funding, you are able to make and implement a realistic plan. During your free assessment, you will also be able to create the best schedule for your aging loved one’s needs and budget. Often a family will work together to make a weekly schedule that incorporates times that they can assist their loved ones, combined with times that they cannot, during which a caregiver can provide assistance. This is especially common when you are seeking overnight care. You and other family and friends are able to provide help during the day and evening, but you need someone to help overnight so that you may rest.

Overnight care may also be temporary. Following a planned orthopedic surgery such as a hip or knee replacement, your aging loved one may need someone overnight. Their overnight caregiver can ensure they get up out of bed safely, go to and from the bathroom, and return to bed as needed, they can also awaken them for their pain medication as prescribed, and tend to their other overnight needs.

Whether you are choosing a day schedule, overnight care, or both, your Cooperative Home Care Client Services Supervisor will identify caregivers who may be the right fit to help your aging loved ones. The caregivers that are a match become a consistent team with whom both your aging loved one, and you, are able to build a positive relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I only need Overnight Care temporarily? Can I cancel at anytime?

    Yes. Many clients choose this service temporarily when they return home after a hospitalization and/or after surgery. It is reassuring to them and to their family members that there is a caregiver, awake and ready, when they need help during the night. Once they have regained their strength and balance, they stop Overnight Care services.

    Overnight Care is also helpful when one’s full-time caregiver is temporarily unavailable due to illness, family/work obligations, and/or travel. Other clients choose ongoing Overnight Care because they are a fall risk or are confused some of the time.

    We do ask that, if possible, you provide four hours’ notice to cancel any shift.

We shall always remember with deep gratitude your comforting expression of sympathy. Thank you so much for the beautiful plant. It has made a difficult time easier.
- The S. Family
Thank you so much. All of my support was extraordinary. A special thanks to Sanita and five stars to Mary Allen. She is definitely an extraordinary professional who deserves much needed praise and help for taking care of Mom.
Sarah, my medication nurse is a very remarkable and incredible nurse and cares very deeply for her patients. Carolyn the nurse for Medicare was good for me as well. If I ever need a nurse again, I will be sure to request her.

How Do I Pay?

At Cooperative Home Care, we work very hard to find access to any type of funding source before you pay out-of-pocket. We accept Any Funding. This means government funding (Medicare, MO Medicaid and VA), insurance (health, long-term care and worker’s compensation), reduced fee programs and self-pay. When you call our Intake Nurse, we are more prepared than other home care companies to help your aging parent with their home care needs.

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