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#OurOlympics Winter Campaign

It’s Going to be Easy to be Inspired by Our Olympic Care Team

pdf2-4-2022 Community Newsletter

We are Thriving and 35-ing

pdf8-6-2021 Community Newsletter

We are 35, and We Partied Like It Was 1986

The Strength in Our Numbers

pdf7-20-2021 Community Newsletter

Day 55/99 of Our #CooperativeCourtesyCampaign

The Stars and Stripes Forever ~

pdf7-3-2021 Community Newsletter

Happy Independence Day

We Are Going…to Make a Difference

pdf6-30-2021 Community Newsletter

#TheLongestDay fundraising event

$5 for Every Story

pdf6-16-2021 Community Newsletter

From Visionary to Integrator Charter Note

Our 2021 Summer Campaign is Here!

pdf6-11-2021 Community Newsletter

How to Execute the Perfect Vaccine Clinic

Very Victorious Vaccine Clinics

pdf5-3-2021 Community Newsletter

It’s Vaccine Clinic #3 Today!

Proudly supporting our employees and our community.

pdf4-8-2021 Community Newsletter

Super Bowl Sunday 2020

Reflecting on our vaccine clinic success!

pdf2-5-2021 Community Newsletter

COVID Vaccine Clinic #1

Sign-up for our first clinic, on January 27th, 2021

pdf1-21-2021 Community Newsletter

MLK Day 2020

Embrace Inclusivity (Core Value #6) today, and every day.

pdf1-18-2021 Community Newsletter

Peace and Hope

Wishing you a hope-filled holiday!

pdf12-23-2021 Community Newsletter

Winter Well Check 

Keep going through winter!

pdf12-17-2020 Community Newsletter

Happy Thanksgiving 2020

pdf11-25-2020 Community Newsletter

Fall Well Check

Keep going through flu season!

pdf11-12-2020 Community Newsletter

30 Days of Thankful Thoughts


pdf10-30-2020 Community Newsletter


There’s bad scary…and then there’s good scary.

pdf10-13-2020 Community Newsletter

Cooperative’s Fast Track nomination; 28 employees = 250 years’ experience

pdfAugust 28, 2019 Newsletter

October Prevention Series

pdfOctober 30, 2017 Newsletter

Seven Steps to Healthy and Happy Aging Parents

pdfAugust 29, 2017 Newsletter

Cooperative is awarded as a Top Family Business; we also completed 30 service projects and counting

pdfJune 21, 2017 Newsletter

Cooperative Home Care and Crestview Senior Living Blood Drive, June 5.

pdf May 23, 2017 Newsletter


Past Editions

Home care is a viable option that genuinely keeps your aging love ones safe.

pdf April 19, 2017 Newsletter

We are working on meeting your online needs.

pdf March 31, 2017 Newsletter

Through rain, shine, and snow we continue to advocate for our client’s and our company’s needs.

pdf March 15, 2017 Newsletter

Along with celebrating our 30th year, learn how we are gaining peace in 2017.

pdf December 23, 2016 Newsletter

Serving & Celebrating our 30th year in business has inspired us to give back!

pdf November 23, 2016 Newsletter

Medicare Open Enrollment is Here! Plus, get some laughs out of your grand kids with these Halloween jokes.

pdfOctober 2016 Client Newsletter

Find out out how the “Serving & Celebrating in Our 30th Year” campaign has gone so far. Also, have fun with our optical illusions!

pdfSeptember 2016 Client Newsletter

What has a head and a tail but no body? Find out in this month’s newsletter!

pdfAugust 2016 Client Newsletter

Escape the heat with a movie marathon! We share the top rated movies of all time in this month’s newsletter. All you have to do is grab the popcorn.

pdfJuly 2016 Client Newsletter

Get prepared for the summer heat with tips from Cooperative! Plus, try our simple and delicious recipe for Strawberry Fool.

pdfJune 2016 Client Newsletter

Why, exactly, is chronic stress so harmful? We take a look in this month’s newsletter. We also provide 6 tips to lower stress and build resilience.

pdfMay 2016 Client Newsletter

This month we have eight, great activities for grandparents and grandchildren to enjoy. We also have an amazing recipe for simple and tasty zucchini bread.

pdfApril 2016 Client Newsletter

Check out our awesome spring cleaning tips in this month’s newsletter! Plus, we take a look at what vegetables are in season and discuss how to cook them.


pdfFebruary 2016 Client Newsletter

Happy New Year from the Cooperative Home Care family! Check out our ideas for resolutions and tips on how to get started.

pdfJanuary 2016 Client Newsletter

We love sharing some of the ways Cooperative Home Care employees are giving back this season! Plus, our festive holiday tips are as easy to remember as spelling, ‘HOLIDAYS’.

pdfDecember 2015 Client Newsletter

November is a time to reflect and give thanks. Some of our team members share what they are thankful for, we introduce our Thanksgiving Challenge and share some ideas for easy Thanksgiving treats!

pdfNovember 2015 Client Newsletter

This month we have 10 Tips for Caregivers and trick or treat jokes for grandkids!

pdfOctober 2015 Client Newsletter

Get to know Cooperative Home Care in this month’s newsletter! Also, we’ve included home care facts and back to school jokes!

pdfSeptember 2015 Client Newsletter

We take a close look at Elderly OCD and prescription drug side effects in this month’s newsletter. Plus, we share the recipe for a tasty chocolate banana sundae!

pdfAugust 2015 Client Newsletter

Being prepared for severe storms reduces stress and improves safety. Check out our tips on preparing for severe weather! Also, we share some helpful facts about hearing aids.

pdfJuly 2015 Client Newsletter

This month we shine a spotlight on The Homestead at Hickory View. We also discuss the option of having a nurse visit your home weekly, for those that may not need regular caregiver help at home. Plus, we’re hiring!

pdfApril 2015 Client Newsletter

This month we shine a spotlight on Crestview Senior Living, share some tips on how to avoid the winter blues and give you a glimpse into our Wild West party! As a bonus we’ve included an awesome recipe for rich bread pudding & bourbon sauce.

pdfFebruary 2015 Client Newsletter