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Our Strategy in One Word

pdf11-17-2021 Employee Newsletter

We Asked, You Answered

Thank You for Your Feedback

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Team Building is Easy

Unless You’re a Pumpkin

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COVID-19 Vaccine Opps at our St. Louis Office

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Current COVID-19 Guidance

pdf8-3-2021 Employee Newsletter

We are 35! Let’s Party Like It’s 1986

Celebrate our 35th Anniversary with Us!

pdf7-20-2021 Employee Newsletter

Team Building and EOS

Everything I Needed to Know I Learned in Team Building

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Applying Traction to our quarterly Recruiting Rocks creates movement and momentum.

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Three Ways to Put Traction in Action

  1. Earn your referral bonus
  2. Know our “Uniques”
  3. Tell us how we’re doing!

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Uncharted Waters

A clear Accountability Organizational Chart keeps us on target. It’s smooth sailing at Cooperative Home Care.

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Time Marches On – and so does EOS

Our new website is live! Let’s keep going and learning.

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My Sixth Sense

Understanding the six main parts of EOS: People, Vision, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction.

pdf3-26-2021 Employee Newsletter

Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

How achieving weekly To-do’s, leads to achieving quarterly Rocks, and ultimately to achieving our giant, annual Goals.

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Follow the EOS Road

The origin and persistence of our Core Focus: There’s No Place Like Home Care.

pdf3-19-2021 Employee Newsletter

Mission Possible

Our Mission Statement is no secret.

pdf3-17-2021 Employee Newsletter

The Value in Core Values

Our six Core Values define and drive us: #1 Pursue Growth, #2 Challenge the Limits, #3 Empower People, #4 Commitment to Cooperative, #5 Our Team is Our Family, #6 Embrace Inclusivity.

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Reduce Your Stress in Five or Less

How Our People Analyzer minimizes stress, and maximizes performance, by ensuring every employee understands their job and knows how they are doing.

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Farewell, Pandemic Winter.

pdf3-1-2021 Employee Newsletter

More Strategy

Because: Strategic Planning is Upon Us

pdfAugust 7, 2019 Caregiver Newsletter

Communication & Strategy

Our Mission and Vision as we approach Cooperative’s 35th year

pdfJuly 29, 2019 Caregiver Newsletter

Introducing New Employees and New Programs

Welcome Robin Gladwill, Stevi Gagne, BSN, and Pediatric Nursing

pdfMarch 26, 2019 Caregiver Newsletter

Back to School = Back to The Sweep

Recognizing Cooperative as a Best in Value Company

pdfAugust 29, 2017 Caregiver Newsletter

Happy Nurses Week!

Thank you to all of our nurses!

pdfMay 11, 2017 Caregiver Newsletter

News About Our Internal Webinars

Service project announcements and Potluck May 5th!

pdfApril 26,2017 Caregiver Newsletter

Competing and Eating Our Way to Teamwork

We asked for team-building ideas, and you answered!

pdf March 27, 2017 Caregiver Newsletter

Free Training, Winners, Giving Back (and Feeling Great About It!)

Doing good always feels great. We celebrated our most recent “Serving & Celebrating in Our 30th Year” where we made blankets, shopped for supplies, and served a delicious feast at the Ronald McDonald House.

pdf February 7, 2017 Caregiver Newsletter

2017 is the Year of Building Our Cooperative Hospice Program

We are committed to building our Cooperative Hospice Program. Our growth starts with all of us: gaining an understanding of hospice, learning how to gently and compassionately share information, and learning what makes our program unique.

pdf January 19, 2017 Caregiver Newsletter


We hope that almost all of our caregivers were and are able to attend their office holiday parties, last and this week. If you were at the St. Louis party, we also hope you enjoyed our smoothie station! Plus, read on for more on continuing education and outreach programs.

pdf December 2016 Caregiver Newsletter

Training and Workshops and Blog Posts (oh my!)

Our first step is to ensure every employee, from field staff to administrative, knows that we have hospice, and also knows what to do with this information. How do you appropriately share information about hospice to someone you personally know? How do we share  information about our Cooperative Hospice, like what makes it unique and why people choose us?

pdfNovember 2016 Caregiver Newsletter

Try making some of the spooky treats in this month’s newsletter!

pdfOctober 2016 Caregiver Newsletter

We want every caregiver to participate in serving and celebrating our 30th year with us! This month’s newsletter shares how we are celebrating with family-friendly events and service opportunities.

pdfSeptember 2016 Caregiver Newsletter

Find out how you can save money on school supplies this year. Also, enjoy delicious chocolate fudge cookies with this month’s recipe!

pdfAugust 2016 Caregiver Newsletter

Don’t let the summer heat prevent you from having fun with your children. This month’s newsletter provides fun activities you can do on a hot summer day. Also, enjoy a delicious penne with sun-dried tomato pesto with this recipe!

pdfJuly 2016 Caregiver Newsletter

Ensure you and your client have a healthy and safe summer with some tips from Cooperative! Plus, meet our 2016 Summer Interns.

pdfJune 2016 Caregiver Newsletter

Cooperative Home Care is turning 30! We want to hear your ideas about how to celebrate our 30th year! Plus, spring is a great reason to make broccoli pasta and we have a delicious recipe.

pdfMay 2016 Caregiver Newsletter

Getting and staying organized can improve your mood, your mindset and your productivity. Check out our 3-step plan to organizing your home. Also, we have a recipe for delicious & quick quesadillas!

pdfApril 2016 Caregiver Newsletter

This month we discuss some key points for new and current caregivers to keep in mind. Plus, we share a recipe for our favorite Spring Pasta Salad!

pdf March 2016 Caregiver Newsletter

Let us introduce you to telephony – a telephone tracking system that is mandated by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. Plus, see the results of our Holiday Change Collection, check out our February training classes and more!

pdfFebruary 2016 Caregiver Newsletter

Our Caregiver Holiday Parties were a huge success this year! Get a glimpse into the festivities and see who we recognized with Employment Milestone Awards!

pdfJanuary 2016 Caregiver Newsletter

It’s time to celebrate YOU! Get all the details on the upcoming Caregiver Holiday Parties and check out our December training classes.

pdfDecember 2015 Caregiver Newsletter

Being a caregiver can be incredibly stressful, so we have 10 Tips to Lower Stress in this month’s newsletter! Also, find out how you could earn a $100 Employee Referral Bonus!

pdfNovember 2015 Caregiver Newsletter

This month we have 10 Caregiver Tips, a look into Cooperative Hospice and October training classes. Plus, we’ve included some of our favorite Trick or Treat jokes!

pdfOctober 2015 Caregiver Newsletter

Get to know Cooperative Home Care in this month’s newsletter! Also, check out our September training classes and some tips for making healthy snacks and meals on the go.

pdfSeptember 2015 Caregiver Newsletter

We take a close look at Dementia in this month’s newsletter – including 10 signs you should know for early detection.

pdfMarch 2015 Caregiver Newsletter