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Sue and Our Caregiver Newsletter

Our caregivers are enjoying our revamped newsletter, designed just for them: Cooperative News. Ongoing, consistent communication can be a challenge
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Whether you enjoy some green beer, run five miles, watch a parade, indulge in corn beef and cabbage or all
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Company Wide Profit Sharing Day March 2015

We work hard to grow revenue and manage our expenses to optimize our profitability. Why? Is it contradictory to talk
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Welcome Carla!

Please join me in welcoming Carla Blocker to Cooperative Home Care and All Staff Nursing. Carla is joining us as
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Sharon & her Jitterbug

Real Reasons Older Adults Choose Own Home Care

Adult kids with aging parents spend considerable time thinking about how they’ll convince (trick? push?) Mom or Dad to accept
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What Does ‘Loved Ones Needed’ Mean?

When Cooperative Home Care says, ‘Loved Ones Needed’, what does this mean? We’re glad you asked! If you are caring
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Beat Those Winter Blahs!

“Surely as cometh the Winter, I know…there are Spring violets under the snow.” – R. H. Newell Hang in there-spring is
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Bread Pudding with Southern Bourbon Sauce

Courtesy of, this decadently delicious recipe is also shared in our current February/March client newsletter, Health at Home by
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Cards Baseball is Back

Welcome Back Cards! We Missed You!

While it’s not Opening Day yet, the start of Spring Training is reason enough for our baseball crazy town to
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Who Answers 1-800-HOMECARE (in MO)?

Meet our dedicated Intake Nurse, Jessica Donaldson, LPN. She has over 14 years of home care experience and she’s been
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Happy President's Day 2015!

Happy President’s Day 2015!

Happy President’s Day! Today we officially celebrate Washington & Lincoln, but it’s really a day to remember them all. Who’s
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AlzBetter is Coming Soon!

As January ended, we began integrating AlzBetter into our training. Cooperative’s approach to training is to always identify and implement
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