Partnership Opportunities

Dear Potential Partner,

As our Owner, CEO, and Visionary, I am constantly, relentlessly seeking partnerships. This pursuit is one example of our Core Value #2, Challenge the Limits.

This is my open invitation to you. Please contact me directly to discuss ideas of how we can come together in a mutually beneficial way.

Cooperative Home Care is a locally owned and operated family business, committed to building relationships with other local providers. We collaborate with one another about how to maintain viable healthcare businesses. We lobby for legislation that will support clients and their families, as well as our businesses. We accept client referrals when others are not able to serve them.

Cooperative has a long history of successful mergers, asset transfers, and acquisitions. Sometimes we team up with a very small provider. Suddenly, their business has declined and they cannot make payroll. What happens to their clients and their employees? Cooperative meets payroll for them, as we seamlessly transition both groups to Cooperative. We have employees who have celebrated their ten-year milestones with us, after first coming to Cooperative through this type of transaction.

Another exciting opportunity is for home care owners who are ready to retire. What is your back-up plan? Cooperative can contribute to a successful exit strategy and retirement, where you feel confident that both your clients and your employees are cared for.

We have learned a lot through our 35 years of business, and our many successful partnerships. Call me today. Let’s create another success together.


Mitch Waks