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End-of-life care is a fitting description of hospice care. It may also help someone who is researching hospice care to feel more comfortable as they proceed. Hospice care can be a very beautiful and supportive resource, but learning about it can be greatly overshadowed by the fact that your loved one is ill and may be near the end of their life. On this page, we want to share an overview of hospice, some online resources, and our philosophy and approach to end-of-life care. We often hear from our clients’ families that they were very glad their loved one received hospice services, and that it made their last days more comfortable and peaceful than they anticipated or expected. We thank you for visiting this page, and we also welcome you to contact our Cooperative Hospice nurse directly, at any time, at 314-571-7855.

Cooperative Hospice would like to remind you that it is never too early to begin learning about your options when you are diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. Hospice services are very comprehensive. As a result, the earlier a patient chooses hospice, the greater their opportunity to benefit from all of the available support and resources. At the same time, we understand that this can be an emotionally challenging decision. Every patient uniquely comes to their decision to choose hospice, and we appreciate and respect that. This flyerincludes general signs that home care and/or hospice can help you.

If you are not ready to choose hospice and would like to ta

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Our hospice team is always willing to take your call.

lk directly to our hospice nurse, you can call 314-571-7855 at any time and speak directly to them. If you are ready to proceed, our nurse will work with you and your doctor to initiate services. Every step of the process is guided by the patient’s choice, with assistance from us as needed to understand your choices and what to expect.

Hospice is funded by Medicare, Medicaid, and many health insurance plans. Part of our services include helping you to understand and access your hospice funding source(s). While we are prepared to help you through every step of hospice care including funding, if you would like to independently research more detailed information about the hospice benefit, there are helpful online resources. You can learn more about Medicare funded hospice services at Medicare.gov . The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services shares a Medicaid Hospice Overview booklet. The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization also shares a lot of helpful resource information. Cooperative Hospice is also accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Partner, which means we meet and maintain high clinical and administrative standards.

Cooperative Hospice’s care is designed to promote comfort, dignity and peace. Our experienced hospice team is very comprehensive. Our team includes our Medical Director, nurses, social workers, Chaplain, representatives of your preferred religion, therapists, homemakers, volunteers, dieticians, massage therapists, musicians, pharmacists and medical equipment providers. We coordinate your services to be seamless and to meet your changing needs. Some of the more unique, alternative services we also offer include tactile therapy for pain management and emotional well-being, assistance completing desired activities including family visits and traveling, and legacy documentation. We also proudly offer “Veterans Recognition”, and “Veteran to Veteran” programs.

Another way to learn about Cooperative Hospice is through our Facebook page, which includes reviews from our patients and their families.

Our hospice team is always willing to take your call. You can reach our hospice nurse 24/7. We are here to reassure you over the phone or through a personal visit without you having to ask for our help. This is a great example of what makes Cooperative Hospice different. If you are unsure or scared, you need help. Hearing our offer for personal help feels a lot differently than if you have to ask for it. Our hospice and palliative care trained team understands this. We’ll gladly extend our offer to come to you, to reassure you, and help you feel confident and comforted. Contact Cooperative Hospice at 314-571-7855. We are here to help you.


  •  They were wonderful to my friend and her family during a very difficult time. Bless you!

    -Teresa H., August 31, 2016

  • When life comes to the hospice care point – it’s the care that matters…Cooperative Hospice cares. Our family has their number in hand.

    -Steve K., June 21, 2016

  •  I’ve heard nothing but great things about Cooperative Hospice. I know that they’ll be the 1st one I call if I ever need hospice services for a family member!

    -Stephanie N., June 1, 2016

  • It’s always a tough situation when hospice care is needed, but I know Cooperative is the best place to call when the time comes!

    -Annie H., June 8, 2016

  •  When a family needs help the most this is the place to turn, answering questions as well as walking you though the process.

    -Angie M., September 9, 2016