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Consumer Directed Services (“CDS”) are available for individuals who are Missouri Medicaid-eligible, and who need help to stay at home. The CDS program is a terrific alternative to more traditional in-home services, for the consumer who is able to help manage their own services. If you are not able to help manage your care, you may be a candidate for other home and community-based Missouri Medicaid services.  Read more about Cooperative Home Care’s traditional Medicaid In-Home Services here.

Within the CDS program, consumers hire their own caregivers with assistance from us. These caregivers can be family members, with an important exclusion: you cannot hire your spouse to be your caregiver. We also help you train and employ your caregivers.

Consumer Directed Services include Personal Care Assistance like bathing, grooming, dressing personal hygiene, toileting, health, housekeeping, meals, and transportation.

Cooperative Home Care, Inc.’s CDS Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CDS Program? CDS stands for ‘Consumer Directed Services’. Funded by Missouri Medicaid, this program enables people who need help at home to direct, train, and employ their own caregivers. They can hire friends or family members to help them, and their friend/family member gets paid to do so.

If you are caring for a loved one you can earn money doing so in our CDS program

If you are caring for a loved one you can earn money doing so in our CDS program

How Do You Qualify? If you have an active Medicaid number, and you need help with personal care tasks (like bathing, dressing, cooking, cleaning). Next, you must be able to train, direct, and employ your own caregiver—with help from us. If you cannot train, direct, and employ your own caregiver, we can still help you through our traditional In-Home Services program, where we employ, staff and train your caregivers.

Tell Me What I Should Know About the CDS Program:

Funded by Missouri Medicaid.

Great for someone who needs help at home but who doesn’t want a stranger caring for them. Great for someone who is already caring for a family member or friend-now they can earn money while doing so.

Cooperative Home Care says, ‘Loved Ones Needed’. What does this mean? If you are caring for a loved one—family member or friend—you can work as their caregiver in our CDS program and earn money doing so.

Do People Understand the CDS Program? What Are Some Myths or Misunderstandings About the CDS Program?

There are many ads about the CDS program that all say different things but the facts are that it is funded by Missouri Medicaid and every provider is paid the same amount of money for this service. There are also a lot of new and inexperienced companies and people doing this program.

You should choose your CDS provider by considering 3 things: how long have they been in business? How long have their employees worked for them? And, what do their current clients say about them? Here are our answers to these questions:

How long have you been in business? Cooperative celebrates 30 years in 2016.

Cooperative Consumer Directed Services

Cooperative Consumer Directed Services

How long have your employees worked for you? Our team: Kim has 22 years of home care experience; Vincent has 9 years of home care experience; Robert has 11 years of home care experience.

What do your current clients think? Read our client and family testimonials here.

How Do I Get Started? Call our Intake Nurse at 1-800-HOMECARE in Missouri (800-466-3227). Our nurse will determine if you qualify and/or help you get started. Cooperative Home Care accepts every home care funding-Medicaid, Medicare and Private. We ensure you receive every service for which you qualify.

Here are the results of our 2015 CDS year-end report, including 85 surveys:

  1. 97.65% of those surveyed feel since having an attendant, their quality of life has improved.
  2. 97.65% of those surveyed feel that their attendant(s) observes changes in their health condition and assists them in reporting them.
  3. 96.47% of those surveyed feel that their attendant(s) know(s) what the client’s emergency plan is.
  4. 98.82% of those surveyed feel more hopeful/optimistic about their future.
  5. 98.82% of those surveyed feel that Cooperative Home Care’s staff is helpful to them if the consumer has any problems with their attendant(s)

CDS Consumer Case Narratives:

Consumer K: “(Cooperative Home Care) has done a great job, I appreciate services provided that have helped with my quality of life”.

Consumer M: “My attendant helps me more than ever, she doesn’t mind going the extra mile!”