Websites for brain stimulation

The Best Websites To Visit For Health, Food & Brain Stimulation


Health & Wellness The National Institute of Health provides seniors with a range of information on nutrition, exercise, bone health and more. The site allows you to change the text size or have information read aloud!  Senior Health’s website offers a variety of topics to help seniors maintain a healthy and happy life. Topics range from exercise, healthy aging, disease prevention and more. Food With hundreds of recipes to choose from on Epicurious you are sure to find the perfect meal! This site also allows you to create and share recipes with family and friends. Trip advisor is a great site for finding the perfect restaurant near you. This site allows you to read reviews, see pictures of the restaurant, …

grandparent phone scam

“The Grandparent Phone Scam” – Seniors at Risk


We recently heard about one of our employees’ relatives who had been the victim of the “Grandparent Phone Scam.” She was a woman in her 90s who believed that one of her grandchildren was in trouble. This is exactly what phone scammers are hoping for when they prey on older victims by playing the “grandparent scam”. These types of scams are costing seniors over $35 billion. Americans who are 65 and older are targeted for two reasons: that generation is kind and trusting and not as likely to hang up on a caller (or screen calls). Plus, this age group is typically a homeowner with a built up savings. The National Center for Victims of Crime confirms that elderly victims …

pets help seniors

Loving Relationship: How Pets Help Seniors


Our caregivers are often asked by our clients’ families if pets help seniors with loneliness. The truth is that pets work wonders – beyond just providing good company. When a senior is considering getting a new pet, it can promote research and reading up on a breed – a mentally stimulating exercise in itself. A fun project to research and to anticipate – like the arrival of a new baby. Pets can actually lower blood pressure and cholesterol level of its owner. Pets tend to promote physical activity – walking the pet, cleaning up after the pet, etc. Pets actually benefit from being adopted by a senior, as this age group typically has more time to dedicate to the pet. …

Aging in Place


More and more of our senior population wishes to age in their own home. Check out this great read on the “aging in place” movement.

Adult diapers

Adult Diaper Drive Aims to Fill Unmet Need in Missouri


Now through Friday (July 15th, 2016) Cooperative Home Care is hosting an Adult Diaper Drive. The drive will take place at their local office locations and at the Jewish Community Center in Creve Couer. There is not a dedicated adult diaper bank in Missouri. The demand for adult diapers is high since Medicare does not cover incontinence supplies or adult diapers. Furthermore, food stamps do not pay for adult diapers. According to Alison Weir, Director of Policy and Research at the National Diaper Bank Network, only three out of the more than 4000 partnering agencies they work with are exclusively adult diaper banks. All diaper and monetary donations from the drive will go to the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank. Online …

Trusted In Home Care

Cooperative Celebrates 30 Years By Giving Back


Cooperative Home Care, a trusted in home care company, turned 30 on July 1. They are choosing to give back in recognition of their milestone anniversary. The 30 projects range in size and scope and include partnerships with other local organizations. Cooperative company champions will lead each project, garnering internal and external support as they go. Cooperative Home Care, Inc. is unique in its longevity as well as its wide range of services. They can help almost every person that contacts them for help at home. Cooperative’s services include Medicaid in-home, Consumer Directed Services, Medicare, Private Home Care Services, and more. Healthcare’s constantly changing landscape creates many challenges. Most noteworthy of these challenges is shrinking and delayed government payments for services. There are many instances where …

4th of July

Enjoy the 4th of July Holiday and Celebrate with Your Senior


As 4th of July quickly approaches think about how the seniors in your life can engage in the holiday. Your friends and loved ones should be able to celebrate the holiday in a safe and comfortable way, even if they are not able to attend a celebration. Whether you are a professional caregiver or simply a caring relative you can make your senior friend or relative part of the fun. Tips for including seniors this 4th of July weekend: ·Prepare some traditional food for the weekend – hot dogs, hamburgers, coleslaw, chips. Purchase festive paper goods in red, white and blue – they are everywhere right now. Finish the meal with a blueberry or apple pie. You could even consider …

Signs of Senior Depression

Signs of Senior Depression; Are you at Risk?


Have you lost interest in activities you’ve always enjoyed? Are you losing the energy and motivation to get through each day? If so, you are not alone. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), about 80% of older adults who have at least one chronic health condition, and 50% of people who have two or more chronic health conditions, are more prone to depression. Depression is more common in people who suffer from other illnesses, which is why the risk of having depression is higher in older adults. Though the possibility of having depression is greater in older adults, it is not a normal part of aging. Senior depression can be treated, and with the right treatment and support system …

key 8 nutrients

Are You Getting Enough Of These 8 Key Nutrients?


As we age, achieving adequate nutrition is a challenge. According to WebMD, the amount of calories a person needs declines with age. This means there is a greater importance to ensuring that the calories you consume contain a variety of important nutrients your body needs. Here are eight key nutrients you might be missing, and the simple ways to ensure you get enough. 1. Vitamin B12 is an important nutrient for creating DNA and red blood cells. What to eat: Fish, meat, eggs, and milk. You can also talk to your doctor about whether or not you should take a B12 supplement. 2. Calcium is important for maintaining and building strong bones. Without an adequate amount of calcium your bones …