flue vaccinations and seniors

Flu Vaccinations and Seniors


What you should know about flu vaccinations and seniors: If you have a senior in your life, make sure he or she gets a flu shot this season. Influenza is nothing to mess around with. In recent flu seasons, 80%-90% of flu related deaths have occurred amongst our seniors and 54%-70% of season flu-related hospitalizations have occurred among this senior group – those 65 years of age and older. The official “flu season” is as early as October and can last as late as May. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), only injectable influenza vaccines should be used this 2016-2017 season and the nasal spray (or “mist”) should not be used at this time. Technically, the only people …


Cooperative Home Care, Inc. Appoints New Leader


Helping hundreds of older adults stay healthy and independent is both challenging and rewarding, and Cooperative Home Care is confident Dan Decker is ready to lead their mission. Cooperative Home Care turns 30 this year, continuing their commitment to serving older adults and people of all ages with disabilities through every type of funding source, including Medicaid, Medicare and Private Services. Cooperative Home Care has promoted Dan Decker, former Director of Business Development, to lead their operations in a General Manager role. Under his leadership, they are predicting a thriving 2017 that will surpass all of their previous business achievements. “To survive and thrive in the healthcare industry is notoriously difficult. We’ve got to always think and act five steps …

Delivering Services For Seniors

Delivering Necessities To Seniors


Delivering Services For Seniors Whether you live in town or away from your senior loved one, it’s good to know that food and other necessities can get to your senior in an easier way than ever before. While St. Louis is not New York City (in terms of being able to have ANYTHING delivered at anytime), we have come a long way. Delivered food, prescriptions and necessities are a great way to ensure that your senior has what he or she needs, even if you can’t be there all the time. Our favorite deliveries in the St. Louis Area: Groceries to Go Get your Dierbergs groceries delivered by an independent service called Groceries to go. You or your senior can …

Celebrate With Seniors

Celebrating Lesser Known Holidays With Seniors


Now there are even more days for you to celebrate with seniors! We all know the major holidays, but over the years additional celebration days have been recognized – everything from National Donut Day to National Dog Day. Make note of some of these special fall days as they are good thought starters for you to plan activities around and celebrate with a senior that you are taking care of! They are also a great excuse to get some friends, relatives or neighbors together to enjoy these obscure but fun celebrations! October Lesser Known Holidays October 1 – National Homemade Cookie Day. Of course, this is a great one and an easy one to plan around. Pick a favorite recipe, …

seniors living at home

Keeping Your Parent at Home


More and more seniors are electing to stay in their own homes as they age. Seniors living at home can make many people nervous as they think about their aging parents (or parent) running a household. However, there are some things you can do to make their surroundings safer while maintaining their desire to stay at home.

Coopertive Celebrates Its 30th Year

Serving & Celebrating in Our 30th Year


As our 30th year anniversary approached, we wondered how to recognize this significant milestone. A party? Of course! So we kicked off our 30th (official date of incorporation: July 1st, 1986) with an employee picnic. It was really hot and really fun, and it gave us the opportunity to develop, as a group, our emerging ideas about how to celebrate our 30th. A Cooperative Connection Cooperative Home Care has about 500 employees. We firmly believe every employee who chooses to work in health care of any kind is driven to do so by a core desire to help people. They have other reasons too. Other reasons include wanting to always learn and grow in their profession, wanting to always have …

Long-distance caregiving

Long-Distance Caregiving


Long-Distance Caregiving Plans When family lives far from their aging loved ones, a caregiving plan can be very challenging. First, you are not around to notice sudden changes in health or needs. You are not able to jump in and help. Also, you don’t necessarily have a network of people and resources at your fingertips. Furthermore, adult age children are also managing their own careers and possibly caring for children of their own in addition to caring for aging parents. Time and energy are scarce. Financial pressures offer another challenge. Long-distance care may require traveling back and forth. As a result you may have to miss work and pay additional out-of-pocket costs. We often get calls from those who are …

Websites for brain stimulation

The Best Websites To Visit For Health, Food & Brain Stimulation


Health & Wellness The National Institute of Health provides seniors with a range of information on nutrition, exercise, bone health and more. The site allows you to change the text size or have information read aloud!  Senior Health’s website offers a variety of topics to help seniors maintain a healthy and happy life. Topics range from exercise, healthy aging, disease prevention and more. Food With hundreds of recipes to choose from on Epicurious you are sure to find the perfect meal! This site also allows you to create and share recipes with family and friends. Trip advisor is a great site for finding the perfect restaurant near you. This site allows you to read reviews, see pictures of the restaurant, …

grandparent phone scam

“The Grandparent Phone Scam” – Seniors at Risk


We recently heard about one of our employees’ relatives who had been the victim of the “Grandparent Phone Scam.” She was a woman in her 90s who believed that one of her grandchildren was in trouble. This is exactly what phone scammers are hoping for when they prey on older victims by playing the “grandparent scam”. These types of scams are costing seniors over $35 billion. Americans who are 65 and older are targeted for two reasons: that generation is kind and trusting and not as likely to hang up on a caller (or screen calls). Plus, this age group is typically a homeowner with a built up savings. The National Center for Victims of Crime confirms that elderly victims …