Congratulations To Kelly Nolan, Expert Caregiver For Aging Parents


Every quarter, Cooperative Home Care conducts a comprehensive training inservice for its caregivers.  During this quarter’s inservice, held on Tuesday, October 19th, topics included helping individuals with Alzheimer’s and nutrition for seniors and people of all ages with disabilities.  Additionally, Kelly Nolan, Cooperative caregiver for over six years, was recognized for her “Outstanding Service” for the clients she serves through Cooperative.  Mary Allen, Private Services Manager, says Kelly “always goes above and beyond my expectations…she’ll call me and ask what she can do to help when she isn’t assigned to a shift…”.  Keep up the great work, Kelly!


Unique “Lifetime Achievement Award” Presented to St. Louis Caregiver Debra Stuart


Cooperative proudly honored caregiver Debra Stuart with its Lifetime Achievement Award for her 20+ years of phenomenal service with Cooperative Home Care. Debra sets the bar really, really high as an in-home caregiver for seniors and people of all ages with disabilities.  During the presentation of her award, Fran Sontag, beloved founder of Cooperative Home Care, noted how ‘the more you know about Debra the better you like her’, and that she has a ‘special knack for truly getting to know her clients really well’.  In difficult and stressful situations, Debra is both consistent and caring.  She has helped many of Cooperative’s most challenging long-term clients with remarkable grace and poise.  One of her secrets?  Helping every client be his …

Sharon & her Jitterbug

Another Aging Parent Tries the Jitterbug Phone


A few weeks ago I shared Mary Ann’s thoughts about the Jitterbug phone.  In a nutshell, she loved it and she is still texting away to her daughter in Corpus Christi, Texas.  As both Jitterbug trials got underway, I wondered if the Jitterbug phone was versatile enough to meet the needs of every senior.  If not, why? Sharon is 62.  She lives in the Chicago suburb of Woodridge, Illinois.  She and her husband Bill care for their 3 year-old grandson up to two days per week.  They recently welcomed their fourth grandchild.  Sharon enjoys 5K walk/runs, volunteers through church at the local food pantry and is in a book club.  With the exception of a double hip replacement in November …

Jim Guller, Owner, with Ann Higby of Twist

Upcoming Videos Feature Help Topics For Your Aging Parents


As a compliment to our organic Flip Cam videos, Cooperative is rolling out five new professionally shot videos focusing on how to help your aging parents.  Owners Mitch Waks and Jim Guller, Lead Case Manager Mary Allen, current clients and caregivers shared their thoughts about Cooperative and their advice on home care and other hot topics in aging.  Look for our new videos as early as next week!

Mitch and his son, Dylan

St. Louis Home Care Expert Mitch Waks Talks Kites & Life


Every year my family and I go to Sanibel Island. And one of the activities or traditions we partake in is to fly kites. Every year we try to get our kite to higher than the year before. We measure this by how many spools of kite string we tie together as the kite keeps going higher. The beach is a great place for flying kites, plenty of wind and really “the sky’s the limit”. We buy a new kite every year, multicolored creations of varying shapes and sizes that fill the skies like beautiful birds darting and dancing in the heady atmosphere above the earth. As the strong winds gusted against the kites, our kite string kept them in …

Welcome, Chad!

Cooperative Home Care and All-Staff Nursing Welcomes Chad Keeling


From Jim Guller, President & Owner: Please join me in welcoming Chad Keeling to Cooperative Home Care and All-Staff Nursing in the position as Referral Specialist on our sales team.  I am very excited that Chad has decided to join our company because of his background and past record of success.  Chad is an RN and spent 7 years working in the hospital setting at Missouri Baptist and Cardinal Glennon Hospitals.  He then spent the last 5 years in home care working for Med-Staff first as a field nurse then in sales. Please join me in welcoming Chad to Cooperative Home Care and All-Staff Nursing.  I look forward to the success we can all have working together.

Dad, comfortable at last

Furniture Specialized For Seniors


I learned a few things on a recent trip to purchase a recliner for my 71 year-old Dad.  After falling and severely bruising his hip, he could not sit comfortably on his current furniture, and resting in his bedroom all day was increasing his feelings of depression and isolation. The plan was to surprise Dad with a more comfortable chair that would raise his spirits.  Though he’d always flatly refused a lift chair because he thought it would look different than a standard recliner (they generally don’t), he also had his heart set on leather.  Leather is slick so our retailer didn’t offer a leather, lift chair.  These factors guided our decision to purchase a leather, non-lift luxury-type recliner that …

Jitterbug J SidebySide New

What An Aging Parent Thought of the Jitterbug Phone


Recently I had the opportunity to offer Jitterbug phones to two seniors to use for a few weeks and share their feedback.  While I was pretty unfamiliar with the Jitterbug phone, both of my trial participants (Mary Ann and Sharon) had heard of the phone after seeing ads in their respective AARP magazines.  They were excited to give these phones a try.  Here’s one story: Mary Ann K. is 70 years old.  She lives with her husband Baylor in south St. Louis city.  While she’s had some health issues, overall she’s independent.  Her two daughters are informal advocates for her health care and other important decisions.  Mary Ann has a home phone, and a cell phone that she turns on …

Low Vision and Macular Degeneration


Low Vision Therapy by Cooperative Home Care Provided in the patient’s home by a certified and licensed occupational therapist and nurse Medicare pays 100% for those who qualify We work with your current doctor in order to ensure the best possible care in your treatment process Helps you to maximize the residual vision you still have   Low Vision Rehabilitation Can Help! People who suffer from low vision can receive low vision rehabilitation from specialty trained Low Vision Occupational Therapists.  The therapists help by working with clients to: Use their remaining vision more effectively through VISION RETRAINING Use appropriate assistive devices more efficiently through ENVIRONMENTAL & HOME MODIFICATION   Results of Low Vision Rehabilitation Patients are able to live safely …

Cooperative Officially Expands Private Services to Illinois


Owner Jim Guller describes today’s achievement: Congratulations to All-Staff Nursing (Cooperative’s IL-based healthcare staffing division) for successfully obtaining our official license from the State of IL for our private service business.  While the State of MO does not require private service companies to pass licensure or have surveys, the state of IL does have this requirement.  All-Staff Nursing passed its licensure visit by the surveyor today to provide Home Services and Home Nursing Services in the State of IL.  Now we can actively sell private services to our current staffing clients and to the community in general to grow our private service business in IL. Thanks so much to KristyAnn, our extraordinary project manager, who really did a great job …