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What An Aging Parent Thought of the Jitterbug Phone


Recently I had the opportunity to offer Jitterbug phones to two seniors to use for a few weeks and share their feedback.  While I was pretty unfamiliar with the Jitterbug phone, both of my trial participants (Mary Ann and Sharon) had heard of the phone after seeing ads in their respective AARP magazines.  They were excited to give these phones a try.  Here’s one story: Mary Ann K. is 70 years old.  She lives with her husband Baylor in south St. Louis city.  While she’s had some health issues, overall she’s independent.  Her two daughters are informal advocates for her health care and other important decisions.  Mary Ann has a home phone, and a cell phone that she turns on …

Low Vision and Macular Degeneration


Low Vision Therapy by Cooperative Home Care Provided in the patient’s home by a certified and licensed occupational therapist and nurse Medicare pays 100% for those who qualify We work with your current doctor in order to ensure the best possible care in your treatment process Helps you to maximize the residual vision you still have   Low Vision Rehabilitation Can Help! People who suffer from low vision can receive low vision rehabilitation from specialty trained Low Vision Occupational Therapists.  The therapists help by working with clients to: Use their remaining vision more effectively through VISION RETRAINING Use appropriate assistive devices more efficiently through ENVIRONMENTAL & HOME MODIFICATION   Results of Low Vision Rehabilitation Patients are able to live safely …

Cooperative Officially Expands Private Services to Illinois


Owner Jim Guller describes today’s achievement: Congratulations to All-Staff Nursing (Cooperative’s IL-based healthcare staffing division) for successfully obtaining our official license from the State of IL for our private service business.  While the State of MO does not require private service companies to pass licensure or have surveys, the state of IL does have this requirement.  All-Staff Nursing passed its licensure visit by the surveyor today to provide Home Services and Home Nursing Services in the State of IL.  Now we can actively sell private services to our current staffing clients and to the community in general to grow our private service business in IL. Thanks so much to KristyAnn, our extraordinary project manager, who really did a great job …


A Message from Mitch Waks, Owner:


Please take a moment to read this article. This is why we exist. To keep people like Chris out of nursing homes where people die needlessly every day. Be proud of what we do. Especially the Individualized Supported Living (“ISL”) department. Thank you to everyone who works hard to keep our clients at home with quality care.

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Cooperative Caregiver Kaye Eggemeyer Saves Client’s Life!


A huge congratulations to our Caregiver of the Quarter, Kaye Eggemeyer.  Why was Kaye chosen for this honor?  She saved a client’s life by successfully performing CPR until paramedics arrived!  Thanks to her clear thinking and quick action, the client is alive and in stable condition. The client, with whom Kaye has worked for nearly ten years, collapsed in sudden cardiac arrest while preparing his lunch.  Kaye called 9-1-1, assessed that he was not breathing, and immediately started CPR, performing the procedure for about six minutes.  Paramedics arrived, stabilized the client with a defibrillator and transported him to the hospital.  He was admitted and his status proclaimed “stable”. The American Heart Association explains that, when someone experiences sudden cardiac arrest, …

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Our First Contest! Win a $30 Prize By Sharing Your Advice


Please post your advice (details below) on our website as a comment to this blog, or on our Facebook page (you’ll see the post here).  The author of the winning entry, as judged by us to be the most creative, inspiring, and moving, will win a terrific prize: a $30 gift certificate to Lorenzo’s Trattoria “on the Hill”.  Our corporate office is within walking distance of Lorenzo’s and it’s delicious!  Here are the details: As our parents age, they face new limitations like decreased mobility and energy.  These limitations can affect their independence and ability to do some of the things they used to love.  Sometimes we can find ways that really help them to live their best life.  We …

Introducing Low Vision Therapy by Cooperative Home Care


We are proud and excited to introduce our new Low Vision Therapy program!  Available exclusively through Cooperative Home Care, in St. Louis and surrounding counties, “low vision” refers to vision problems that cannot be corrected with glasses, contact lenses, medicine or surgery.  If you qualify for Medicare home health and meet the vision criteria, Medicare will pay 100% for this service. On behalf of Cooperative, we’re all excited to share this great resource that can be life changing for its clients.  I personally have met many home health care clients who are cognitively and physically strong, yet their independence is compromised because of their decreased vision.  Or, their low vision combined with their physical needs render them unsafe at home …

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New Website, New Blog


 As we welcome you into our Cooperative Home Care community, we’d like to share our blog’s mission with you. Through our blog, we strive to capture and keep your interest by: Offering more fundamental resources, not just what you would find through a quick internet search Writing about what is relevant to St. Louis and surrounding counties first, and to a broader audience second Providing truly useful home care information BEFORE you need it, AS you need it and even AFTER you need it Responding as quickly as possible to your questions and comments KristyAnn Pfister, Blog Manager & Editor-in-Chief Now, let’s get started!  Try our popular How to Pay For Home Care Guide as your starting point for home …


A Glimpse at Pet Therapy and Its Benefits


My mom has a personality that allows her to do crazy things that would normally be incredibly embarrassing, but somehow she is able to get away with them.  Then again, maybe I just think they are crazy because she’s my mom (can you relate?).  Either way, one of the things she loves to do is bring our cocker spaniel, Jelly, on adventures.  Jelly can be a little high maintenance, so this is not as easy as you might think.   I remember when Mom would bring Jelly along to visit our great uncle Frank, who lived to be over 90 years old before he passed away.  For me and my sister Katie, these trips meant making sure Jelly didn’t freak out …