If I get dementia

If I Got Dementia


Rachael Wonderlin, a specialist in longterm dementia care, is asked a lot of questions about the disease. One of the most frequently asked questions is: “Are you afraid to get it when you’re older?”   While Rachael Wonderlin has seen first-hand how terrible the disease is, she says there are many things that scare her more than dementia does. Rachael has written a list of 16 rules she’d like to live by, just in case she does get the disease. This heartfelt list may help those who act as caregivers to truly help their loved one live a good and happy life. Read more here.  Rachael Wonderlin

infections among the elderly

Infections Among The Elderly


Infections Among The Elderly Many people don’t realize that the leading cause of death in adults over 65 is infections. (Infections are responsible for about one third of all deaths in seniors over 65.) Many are common infections, but in older adults they are often tougher to diagnose. This can lead to heightened risks and hospitalization. Seniors are more susceptible to infection in general – and those with dementia may be at an even greater risk. Some of the early symptoms are not always obvious. Symptoms like a loss of appetite, incontinence and a change in mental status – these can all be side effects of an infection at work. The following are the most common types of infections in …

Seniors get organized

Seniors and Caregivers – Let’s Get Organized!


Getting and staying organized can improve your mood, your mindset and your productivity. Don’t wait to get started on this three-step plan to organize your home. 1. Walk though your home. Make note of two areas you can de-clutter. One area may be your entryway, where both kids and grown-ups dump their stuff when they get home. The kitchen is also high risk for clutter, as working parents and busy kids struggle to make onthe-go meals, often without enough time for planning or clean-up. Now, let’s tackle these two spots: 2. Clear your entryway by adding one bin or basket per person. Always try to use containers you already have. The bin or basket is to catch everyone’s things when …

Can young blood treat Alzheimer's and other effects of aging?

Can young blood be used to reverse the effects of aging?


Can young blood be used to treat Alzheimer’s and other effects of aging? Stanford biologist Tony Wyss-Coray gave a TED Talk describing “an absolutely amazing development in aging research.” His research has shown that proteins found in the blood of younger mice can dramatically reverse the effects of aging when given to older mice. The implications are huge, perhaps ushering in a new era for the treatment of diseases like Alzheimer’s and maybe — just maybe — providing a way to treat aging itself. But the same research has also triggered some hand-wringing. It’s not hard to guess why. If using young blood proves to be a successful treatment for Alzheimer’s and other effects of aging, then its possible it …

activities for grandparents and grandchildren

Eight, Great Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren to Enjoy!


Children keep us young in spirit, whether they are our friend’s grandchildren or our own. The next time you have a young visitor, try one or two of these activities with them. These are perfect activities for grandparents and grandchildren alike! 1.Host a scavenger hunt. This activity is one that will take some planning in advance, but the planning is a worthwhile activity for you, and the results are very enjoyable for your little hunter! You can keep it simple by creating five clues to find, including a small prize at the end. Your clues can be questions (the older the child, the trickier the question should be) or poems if you are feeling extra creative. Leave one question or …

activities for people affected by alzheimer's

101 Activities For People Affected By Alzheimer’s


Activities for those who have Alzheimer’s and Dementia Disorders There are many different stages that a person with Alzheimer’s and other Dementia disorder go through. Keeping these seniors busy with activities is a great way to maintain engagement. Some basic guidelines for activities are: · Take note of what activities make the person happy (vs. anxious or irritable) · Focus on enjoyment vs. achievement when it comes to activity selection · While it’s great to have some “special” projects, encourage activities that center around daily life – this will help your senior feel like a valuable member of the household This awesome list of “101 Activities” is made available by alz.org 1 Listen to music 2 Toss a ball 3 …

tips for dealing with allergies

Interesting Tips For Dealing With Allergies


Allergies can be a terrible burden, especially during springtime. Fortunately, there are many ways to treat allergies – some of which may surprise you! Check out these unexpected recommendations for seniors (and others) to keep spring allergies under control! Read more here.

playing card games with seniors

Playing Card Games With Seniors


Card games have always been a favorite for seniors – and come to think of it, for kids, too. Card games can please people of all generations and be played together. Not only are they fun, card games can truly help increase happiness and self-esteem. It’s an inexpensive activity that involves sitting comfortably and interacting with others. More importantly, playing card games can be great for the brain! Some simple math (such as playing 21) is a great exercise for the brain. Shuffling and dealing is great to keep the hands moving. And of course, the games themselves keep the mind sharp as decisions are made. Play 21 (or Blackjack) with 2 players. Use pennies to keep track of who …

chocolate's effect on cognitive performance

Chocolate’s Effect On Cognitive Performance


Could eating chocolate help improve your cognitive performance? In the mid 1970s, psychologist Merrill Elias began tracking the cognitive abilities of more than 1,000 people in the state of New York. He continued his research for decades, eventually expanding it to include dietary habits. This study, thanks to its large sample size, is perhaps the most comprehensive of any study ever undertaken. (Not to mention the most delicious) The research found that people who eat chocolate at least once a week tend to have better cognitive performance. Finally! Eating chocolate is proven to not only be yummy, but also good for our brains! In scientific terms, eating chocolate improved visual-spatial memory and [organization], working memory, scanning and tracking, abstract reasoning, …

spring cleaning with cooperative

Spring Cleaning with Cooperative


Good-bye Winter and hello Spring! Every season change brings hope and excitement, but none more so than the transition from winter to spring. Here, we’re sharing spring cleaning tips using natural and inexpensive products like vinegar, lemon and baking soda! Take care of your home! USE VINEGAR: · Remove mildew with non-diluted vinegar and an old toothbrush. · Detach and soak your shower head in vinegar to remove build-up and improve water pressure. · Combine one cup vinegar, 1/2 cup baking soda and a few squirts of liquid dish-soap to create an all-purpose cleaning solution for various areas of your home. · Loosen greasy grime in your microwave by boiling 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup water in a microwave-safe …